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Business Plan

Every great business starts with a plan, here is ours.

Hot Planet Repair Team is a “planet repair solutions organization”.  We are a transparent global non-profit company that acts by integrating for-profit investment partners with operating companies.

HPRT Executive Summary

Hot Planet Repair Team was created to focus on "Actionism", the actual work of repairing the planet.  We've had a great run for the last 200 years with a full-throttle linear extraction economic model that created a huge amount of wastes.  HPRT views these wastes in a unique way... as the "New Era of Abundance"!  We need to figure out how they can be reused so they become preprocessed recyclable resources.  We are here to usher in the new industry of "Planet Repair" and the "Great Retooling" of all supply chains, uniting and standardizing all of the islands of teams already working on this globally.

HPRT Vision Statement

HPRT envisions a healthy planet with societies that have undergone significant systemic change by transitioning toward circular, profitable, and eco-industrial global systems.

HPRT Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring all people and organizations together to implement planet repairing solutions by creating alliances, developing incentives, tools, support systems, and innovative financing mechanisms.

HPRT Business Model Statement

Our business model is one that enables people, governments, and businesses to perform "Planet Repair".  As a non-profit, we are completely transparent, neutral, and act as a catalyst for Planet Repair.  This allows us to employ and deploy both non-profit and for-profit tools, teams, financing, and systems for the multi-trillion dollar effort required to fix the planet. 

The Problem: How do we clean up a "trashed" planet?

As humans we have a responsibility to make an equal or greater effort in repairing the planet as was made in trashing it.


This requires inverting our thinking, disintermediating long established behaviors, and evolving them into circular economy models versus linear extraction models. 


We must alter our perception of resources, energy, and our environments, and transform how we interact with them and each other.

Fortunately, there are millions of concerned people and entities that are thinking and working on this. However, there is a lack of global information sharing, networking, standardization, reporting, accountability, and scoring. 

Image by Sean Oulashin
The Solutions:

Systemic transformation & repair.

The Hot Planet Repair Team (HPRT) is creating a new industry, bigger than the internet, computing, telecom, and even the industrial age itself.

This new industry is "Hot Planet Repair", encompassing everything required for restoration.

HPRT has experience in creating and standardizing new industries.  We are currently focused on the following:

  • Creation of the "Connectory" which combines profiling, linking, and networking to enable communication and standardization between all people, places, and things focused on Planet Repair.

  • Defining standardized "Playbooks" for on-boarding of projects and teams, starting with "Playbook Alpha" which gathers information for the "Connectory Profiles", and a full taxonomy of Playbooks for all of the major planet repairing techniques.

Global standardization, blending non-profit & for-profit missions for success:
  • This requires a structure similar to successful professional sporting leagues (i.e. NFL, NBA, NASCAR, etc.).  Similarly, we will be forming Hot Planet Repair Leagues.

  • Leagues are guided by Playbooks that define the rules, scoring, penalties, statistics, reporting, branding, and overall gamification of Planet Repair.

  • This blends non-profit standards body/leagues governance inside HPRT, allowing for-profit teams to benefit with:

    • Branding​

    • Blended Capital Formation

    • Standards

    • Scoring and Statistics of Planet Repairing attributes that can be monetized, i.e. Carbon Credits, Recycling, Renewables, etc...

Major Initiatives

Initial Startup Budget is $1,000,000 to fully establish these initiatives, once established they become self funding. The Plan is to have these established in the next 12 months, all initiatives have been started.


Initial Startup Budget is $15,000,000 to fully establish these facilities.  Once established they become self-funding.  These facilities will be located in Naples Florida USA and open to all globally.

Planning to Action Business Flow
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