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We are

Hot Planet Repair Team

Are you an aspiring planet repairer and want to participate in a fun, creative, and capable team that will build brighter futures for humanity and Mother Nature?  Join us in (y)our quest in helping repair Planet Earth.  


We are working hand in hand with powerhouse change-making stakeholders like leading sustainability innovators and investors that are determined to support our mission and vision.  We are inviting a diverse variety of team members and partners that are ready to #untrash our 200 year party of solid waste and GHGs.  We would love to have you join our team to untrash earth.

Let’s journey together for a safer and better habitat (aka our home) for future generations.

Join us by signing up below.  To help us help you to decide which specific team you should join within HPRT, please navigate below. 

Tropical Leaves
Let's Repair Our Hot Planet,Together

Our environment is what houses and helps our ecosystem grow and thrive.  By not taking care of our surroundings we damage the deeply interconnected ecosystems that are the foundation of the environment, putting so many lives in danger.

We appreciate people like you who care about the well-being of future generations.  For the sake of our children and futures, we must do more to repair the planet and reverse global warming.  So, let's cooperate to build global networks that scale up solutions.  You don't have to be an expert or a millionaire to save the planet – everyone can help to do their bit for planet earth!

Earth is Our Home

Donate now and start saving our planet.  Fill out this form and hit the "Sign Me Up" button.  If you have other ways to support HPRT, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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