Dealing with the challenges of today requires humble, servant leadership and problem-solvers that can bring different perspectives together while having a willingness to take responsible risks. Hot Planet Repair Team emerged out of the need to repair the damage that we have done since the industrial revolution started. Conceived in 2020, we’re a non-profit organization driving a hybrid, exponential scaling approach to planet repair.


Vision: HPRT envisions a healthy planet with societies that have undergone significant systemic change by transitioning towards circular, profitable and eco-industrial global systems.

​Mission: To bring all people and organizations on the planet together to implement planet repairing solutions, by creating alliances, developing standardized playbooks and innovative financing mechanisms.​

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Merging non-profit donor-advised structures with for profit capital structures to achieve exponential growth and repair.  

To grow and repair, we utilize playbooks for standardized, sustainable and repeatable solutions.

To repair the planet we need to combine and focus on technologies, capital and accountable human behaviour.

The Hot Planet Repair Playbooks include expert planning, capital allocation, technology, and climate credit reporting.

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Collectively, we strive to bring together the expertise, passion and curiosity of each HPRT member to help people and the planet grow in an equitable and eco-friendly manner. We take a new approach to tackling climate change with our solutions-focused climate action global alliance that utilizes intergenerational, humanistic and technological solutions for our people and planet. 


We are targeting and recruiting the following to join us:  

500,000 Brands

7.9 billion People

25,000 Universities

135,000,000 Companies

48,000 Big Companies

249 Countries

250,000 Sub Country Governments

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The founding team

We are a team of highly experienced corporate executives and entrepreneurs who know how to get stuff done.

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Ways to participate

There are many different ways to contribute and areas to work in at HPRT

  • Add your name as a supporter.

  • Help organize repair teams worldwide.

  • Contribute money, time, materials.

  • Use your skills to promote Planet Repair initiatives.

  • Get everyone and every company you know to join.

Can’t spare the time? Support our work and the work of countless climate repair projects another way

Empathy is not simply a matter of trying to imagine what others are going through, but having the will to muster enough courage to do something about it. In a way, empathy is predicated upon hope.