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  • Can you help me “Green” my supply chain?
    Yes. We build alliances full of expert councils that will refer you to companies, organizations, entities, and individuals that support retooling your supply chains (i.e. carbon negative materials, processes, and business support).
  • Can I have my donations allocated to specific projects?
    Yes, once the proper teams and structures are established within HPRT. You will be able to select the criteria of what impact you’d like to make, and what co-benefits you’d like to target. You will also have the option to specify no preference, and we will direct donations for you!
  • What exactly is the Hot Planet Repair Team?
    We’re a non-profit organization primarily focused on repairing our hot planet –– no greenwashing, no BS. Only pure action towards saving the planet. We think people have been talking about global warming and environmental degradation for far too long and not taking enough meaningful action. Therefore, we are scaling up immediate, impactful, and sustainable solutions by providing a variety of tools: Firstly, our planet repair playbooks offer straight-forward effective strategies for increasing circularity, sustainability, and positively improving the environment. Secondly, our sustainable impact donor-advisor funds (SIDAFs) offer a path for private or institutional investors to easily transfer their investments into environmental action projects without capital gains taxes. Thirdly, our Hot Planet Repair Conectory provides a comprehensive list of all current environmental repair projects. Tell us the problems you are seeking to address within your business and we will match you with the available solutions
  • Can you help me evaluate the environmental impact of my organization, community or ecosystem?
    Yes. We can help you understand the positive and negative impacts through the use of our planet repair playbooks.
  • How do I apply to have my project/product/service added to be a part of HPRT?
    Contact us here:
  • What will my donation be spent on?
    Initially, your donation will support the development of our employee teams and playbooks. This series of playbooks will be totally free to access to anyone, be it personally, for your family, city, school, business, or country. After that, your donation will support the development of other initiatives such as our SIDAF, the HPRT registry, and other exciting projects TBA. ​ Here are some examples of the planet repair solutions that we will be focusing on standardizing so that they can be exponentially scaled:
  • What are the goals/objectives, and how are they measured?
    The goals are to restore and protect the planet through a variety of means. Specifically, our goals are to reduce the GHG emissions from sources, and to remove existing GHG from the atmosphere. We assess projects based on the quantity of GHG emissions they have either reduced or removed from the atmosphere. We also measure the longevity, sustainability and scalability of each solution.
  • I have a great project that needs investment. Where do I start?
    Start by making sure you meet the specifications here: *COMING SOON*. Then: And contact us here with your project and request: Look at the playbooks; they cover all aspects of projects Technology, Organization, Financing, Building, Operations and Maintenance. We will match you up with the appropriate vetted partner companies, financing, etc. We can also construct a bundled approach if your project qualifies.
  • Who does HPRT partner with?
    We intend to partner with: 500,000 Brands 7.9 billion People 25,000 Universities 135,000,000 Companies 48,000 Big Companies 249 Countries 250,000 Sub Country Governments With the expressed purpose of collectively repairing and regenerating the planet through collective action, while enabling capital to flow efficiently and effectively into scalable planet repair solutions.
  • How can I check if my project qualifies for funding?
    Eventually, HPRT will have set up optimized structures, processes, and ecosystems for funding opportunities that support the responsible implementation of planet repair solutions. Expect to hear more from us soon!​
  • Is there an age minimum to support?
    We allow any entity of any age.
  • Why should I trust the Hot Planet Repair Team?
    Because we are a team of highly experienced corporate executives and entrepreneurs who know how to get stuff done. Also, we are a transparent non-profit organization and we publish all of our financial figures publicly. As we grow, expect more content and directories for understanding who we are, and why you should join HPRT.
  • How can I support HPRT?
    You can support us by donating here: Or you can volunteer with us here:
  • What is a Sustainable Impact Donor-Advised Fund (SIDAF)?
    In the United States, a donor-advised fund (commonly called a DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals. It is an account at a sponsoring organization, generally a public charity, where an individual can make a charitable gift to enjoy an immediate tax benefit. The contribution a donor makes to their DAF is 100% irrevocable and destined for a final 501(c)(3) organization. DAFs provide a flexible way for donors to pass money through to charities—an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Our SIDAF uses this DAF mechanism to specifically focus on projects which create a positive sustainable impact.
  • How can I get involved?
    There are many ways to be involved: Add your name to our memberships as a supporter. Join the team and volunteer to help organize repair teams worldwide. Contribute money, time, and/or materials. Donate into the fund. Recruit, recruit, recruit! Use your skills to promote planet repair. Get everyone and every company you know to join HPRT.


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