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Guiding Principles

Our moral compass guides the actions we take and the alliances we build.  Our objective is to transition from linear extractive systems to circular regenerative systems by mobilizing people and resources to restore and protect our common ground, planet Earth.  We are working to redefine societal values through scaled, innovative, real-world applications that have a multi-generational global impact.

Specific Values
  • Eco-Industrialism –– Focusing on urgently building future societies where technology harmoniously empowers nature and humanity alongside the forces of innovation, creative destruction, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial mindsets.

  • Circularity –– Designing regenerative rational systems which enable us to live with zero-waste within the finite resources of our planet.  Waste not, want not.

  • Resilience & Servant Leadership ––  Humble, capable, future-focused stewardship and agency, built on a robust foundation of well-being, joy, and interconnectedness that instills the energies needed to thrive through adversity.  WE CAN DO THIS, TOGETHER.

  • Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit –– Optimizing mother nature’s abundance through efficient ethical markets that upscale our best solutions and advance well-being while diminishing inequalities and other negative externalities.

  • Accountable & Inclusive Governance –– Proactive, transparent, and multilateral decision-making that is centered on efficient democratic processes, structural mechanisms, and open communication.

  • Intergenerational Collaboration & Equity –– Equitably accounting for the needs, values, and desires of all future generations by overcoming ignorance, arrogance, and greed, with a global embrace for committed unity and singular resolve.

  • Alliance-Building –– Connecting isolated islands of sustainable development with bridges that foster collective mobilization, coopetition, standardization, and financing.

  • Empathy & Pragmatic Optimism –– Embracing curious, courageous, and sympathetic leadership to fight for systemic change and hope in all life forms, while refusing to give into fashionable cynicism that risks deterring us all.

To understand how members are expected to engage with HPRT and its members, please refer to the HPRT Rules of Conduct.

Image by Hendrik Cornelissen
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