• Jake F. Kelley

Why Now is the Time to Support Creative, Interconnected Communities for Planet Repair

Updated: Apr 7

Author: Jake F. Kelley ––– Editor: Allison Hawkins

Growing Teams by Embracing Solutions & Cultural Forces like Art, Entertainment & Communities

More than ever, we believe it’s stylish for people to care about each other, Mother Nature and our shared home. Let’s creatively be more productive by working together to set aside our differences and restore our healthy relationship with Mother Nature. It’s HPRT’s style to positively advance debates and actions for systemic change that will help impact our ability to win together, while challenging each other in respectful ways. Through positivity, action and encouragement, we can help ensure better futures for everyone.

We need to start now to address the impacts of climate change so that we can repair earth instead of having a scorched earth. For too long, we’ve been kicking the can down the road regarding climate change targets. Successive governments and organizations have failed to meet their commitments, and we are all paying the price now. We’ve come to think of it as a far off problem, instead of the immediate and urgent issue it is. Determining that your children and grandchildren’s future is too far-off to worry about is shortsighted and egotistical. No one needs more insecurity in life — — whether it’s related to economics, climate, food, health, disease, energy or protection from violence. It’s time to wake up again with another renaissance that starts with action. Actionism, not activism, is HPRT’s answer to our problems and how we’ll play a role in humanity’s rebirth with earth.

Join our flock so we can take action together for the greater good. Many of us feel the need to overcome our current and historical waves of global division and suffering, and to build bridges that mend and connect these divides. We need to be dedicated to repairing our planet by taking immediate action to start along the road to healing. Our friendly shepherds will help the community by providing action-oriented campaigns, systems, networking and leagues. Since it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get things done, HPRT concentrates on actionism by creating mechanisms, communities and opportunities for scaling-up planet repair. To actively untrash, we will scale-up with tools, tech, standards, engaging communities and campaigns.

Janitors without Borders, Guided by Moral Compasses

To start cleaning up after our 200-year party, we must accept our role in climate change and our obligation to fix the damage we’ve caused. We hear this often, but it remains true: mistakes help us