• Jake F. Kelley

Family, Home & Efficient Allocation of Assets: We All Win Together & Live with Mother Nature

Updated: Apr 7

By Jake F. Kelley

Part 1 of 2 articles.

Help us, help you

What is winning? Winning is when we all benefit, and that is achieved by efficiently, urgently and responsibly allocating the resources we have to the right projects and organizations. How come we don’t strive to collectively benefit so we can all win and accomplish our respective goals? Why not thrive and profit alongside Mother Nature instead of profiting while harming her? She is our common ground, air and water. Let’s allocate our capital, energies and attention to the elements that make our home livable and our bodies robust. To reap these benefits, we must rapidly provide organizations like Hot Planet Repair Team (HPRT) with the assets needed to ensure our collective success — primarily donations. HPRT will help us all win as soon and efficiently as possible. When we embrace different perspectives and use tools like empathy, it becomes clear why we all need each other and our environment. Help HPRT, help you


Planet repair is here and will be our future, so take the opportunity to be a part of building our team and systems. If the best repairs get out there in the most urgent, efficient and responsible manner… then we all win! Let’s work together and tap into the power of networks to scale up planet repair — along with science, tech and human potential. We can be the catalysts and become the alliance of superheroes planet earth needs.

Transitioning from Scarcity to Abundance

To win, we must engage with and support what makes the earth and life healthy. At that time, we can have fun together as a team. Mobilizing our resources, tools and people will scale up communities and solutions that will untrash this 200-year party. By rapidly growing these movements and transitions, we will easily help one another overcome shared challenges by solving problems in a supportive environment dedicated to achieving a healthy planet. In order to achieve success, we need HPRT to empower and equip us with the planet repair leadership, teamwork and tools necessary to get the job done. Let’s enable humans to untrash our planet and create regenerative and circular global economic and societal systems.

All for One, One for All!

Come launch HPRT’s core functions, including marketing/comms, planet repair playbooks (standardization), innovative financing mechanisms that will be the basis for our Connectory and Planet Repair Leagues. These systems, structures and activities will connect and direct webs of people, places and things to scale up planet repair solutions. Simultaneously, we will have fun doing it all together with our interconnected creativity — and enjoy the empowering forces of art forms like music, writing, sculptures and digital design.