• Jake F. Kelley

Family, Home & Efficient Allocation of Assets: Equipping People with Tools for Planet Repair

Updated: Apr 7

(Part 2)

Planet Repairing Home by Connecting Our People, Assets, Tools & Blended Finance.

Author: Jake F. Kelley ––– Editor: Allison Hawkins

It hurts when our family hurts. It feels right when family stands together. We belong side by side, for each other.

Humanity is a beautiful force of organisms if we work together and not against one another. Let us show our empathy to support and protect those who are harmful, berserk and belligerently violent because of power, ego, division, lies and a lack of holistic teamwork. Good people who behave with respect are our greatest assets.

Value life’s and the world’s roles and activities most consequential in building better futures for everyone. We should invest in the growth, skills, and tools that improve our ability to positively evolve both individually and as communities. We must also proactively and reactively help humans who suffer from humanitarian crises and conflicts caused by others which inhibit our ability to achieve planet repair. These insensitive steps make it harder for humanity to make good, efficient use of resources, energy and human attention because it diverts us away from the mission of responsibly repairing our planet as soon as possible. This behavior is not acceptable within the family that calls earth home. As a family, we must not fight against each other. Yet, we need to strengthen our bond with Mother Nature. Let’s change our energy sources and find ways to scale up our transitions to become human systems that are circular and regenerative.


What are humans without their tools? We can utilize the tools to optimize how we succeed in achieving our missions and strategies. Like any human, we collectively need a large variety of tools and people to utilize them to build up the teams, solutions, mechanisms and structures for planet repair that enable more humans and organizations. Donations will empower us and our places to get equipped with the proper planet repair tools and support services that the world’s global systems can provide.

Every team member representing our values is a tremendous asset to planet repair and HPRT. We know how important it is to nurture and grow your assets to ensure the right environment exists for sustained growth. HPRT believes responsible planet repair people deserve to get paid adequately for their hard work and dedication to repairing our planet. Let’s help those who will enable and participate in the great re-allocation of resources for HPRT to foster new ages of regenerative and circular abundance. We work at the opposite side of the spectrum than scarcity. Allow us to collect all assets that can amplify and support planet repair and provide aesthetic and accelerated growth for Mother Nature.