• Jake F. Kelley

Define Your Role In Communities & Cultures That Repair The Planet For Healthy Socio-Economic Futures

Updated: Apr 7

Author: Jake F. Kelley ––– Editor: Allison Hawkins

Cultural forces, hope and action will spark the bright lights that can help us navigate out of darkness and into the sunlit, blooming future we need.

Culture, education and art are critical to helping humanity learn about planet repair solutions and how to get involved in scaling them up. Overcoming eco-anxiety and a lack of faith in solving the climate crisis requires growing global gardens of communities that share common sustainable purposes and fun, meaningful experiences that benefit the planet. People who actively participate in communities and teams for planet repair can empower us by avoiding challenges like mental health and loneliness. Using the fun forces of entertainment, laughter and diversity, we can achieve a healthier planet and lifestyles by each blossoming together like springtime flowers that share the same soil. We'll reap many benefits if we join together and merge our journeys in meaningful ways. If we all develop civic courage, excitement and pragmatic optimism, we can easily make transitions to repair the planet. This will make fun flourish and ensure we don’t diminish our resources, well-being and joy.

Learn from the past. Mitigate and adapt to the problematic global and local historical problems we face today. Let’s restore our well-being by learning from our past mistakes and avoiding repeating the same mistakes in the future. Short-term thinking is only suitable for short-term survival, and we need to think about achieving long-term sustainability goals that will serve us now and in the future. Change is challenging. It’s easy to keep the status quo and follow paths of convenience and complacency. We need to collectively rise to the challenge and learn to accept and embrace the need for change. It’s essential to embrace change, especially when times get tough. Meditate and reflect on what you and others both want and need. Recognize and love your ecosystems and yourself, so we can all mobilize and untrash the earth. If we accept change now to develop a better future, the world will be full of bridges and pathways for allowing people to actively (and passively) play roles in sustainability for future economic and societal development.

Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.” — Frances Moore Lappé