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Janitors Without Borders.

Untrashing Air, Land, & Water.

Hot Planet Repair Team

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Actionism.  Anti-Greenwashing.  Solution Networks.

We’re a non-profit organization primarily focused on untrashing, repairing, and restoring our hot planet. 


HPRT envisions a healthy planet with societies that have undergone significant systemic change by transitioning toward circular, profitable, and eco-industrial global systems.


Our mission is to bring all people and organizations together to implement planet repairing solutions by creating alliances, developing incentives, tools, support systems, and innovative financing mechanisms.

Untrashing with our Partner Carbotura:

"Human society sustains itself by transforming nature into garbage." – Mason Cooley.

It's time to reverse that systemic issue by turning trash into valuable commodities and cash while closing the circularity gap.

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High Density Bio-Factory option for Direct Air Carbon Capture.

Endless "Virtual" Landfill.  100% conversion to reusable materials.

At HPRT, we're janitors without borders who believe in servant leadership that diminishes waste and environmental degradation. We grow solutions for socio-economic progress through circular systems change that untrashes humanity's mess. We ask stakeholders: how do we all find pleasure in turning trash to treasure?  

To drag the future into today, we provide communities, governments and markets with profitable untrashing technologies, blended finance mechanisms, and cutting-edge digital infrastructure. Working with leading community development, educational, and environmental partners, we utilize some of the most innovative, creative strategies and tactics for regenerative systems change across all ecosystems and economies. 

HPRT has licensed Carbotura's technology for all deployments that are less than 500 TPD (tons per day) of waste. The service we provide through our "Recyclotrons" are beneficial for all stakeholders in waste management because we help end the era of unhealthy incinerators and instead break down waste through "molecular debonding" with our modular integration of proven technologies. We can produce 16 valuable outputs, capture carbon, and are a net producer of renewable energy.  


We are currently exploring partnerships and opportunities for untrashing while raising capital through our Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

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Reporting & Tracking 

Designing, building, and evolving equitable economies of the future requires robust and efficient Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) systems.


HPRT understands that it is essential for responsible economic leadership of the future to have strong foundations of transparency and traceability on both trashing (waste production) and untrashing. HPRT’s systems will track valuable economic outputs and socio-economic and ecological benefits that we produce with our partners.

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We Are Also Building:
Planet Repair Playbooks

Defining standardized "Playbooks" for on-boarding of projects and teams, starting with "Playbook Alpha" which gathers information for the "Connectory Profiles", and a full taxonomy of Playbooks for all of the major planet repairing techniques.

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​Similar to successful professional sports leagues, we will be forming Planet Repair Leagues.  Leagues are guided by Playbooks that define the rules, scoring, penalties, statistics, reporting, branding, and overall gamification of planet repair.  This blends non-profit standards, transparency and governance with HPRT and core partners, allowing for-profit teams to benefit with: branding​; blended capital formation; standards/compliance; scoring (MRV) statistics of planet repairing attributes; and co-benefit monetization (i.e. credits for carbon removal, renewable energy, biodiversity, recycling, etc.).

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Creating the "Connectory" – which combines profiling, linking, and networking to enable communication and standardization between all people, places, and things focused on planet repair.​

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Innovative Partnerships & Capital Allocation

Our Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) allow private or institutional investors to easily transfer their investments into planet repair action projects with no loss of capital gains taxes. We partner and match our resources utilizing DAFs with projects and companies who forge commercial value focused on positive planet impact.

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Ways to Participate & Support
  • Help organize regional and local planet repair teams worldwide.

  • Contribute money, time, materials.
  • Use your skills to promote Planet Repair initiatives.

  • Get everyone and every company you know to join.

  • Partnerships for circularity, education and socio-economic community development.

Collaborative Planet Repair Projects

We are focused on partnering with every human, university, non-profit, company, and government to create and build projects for regenerative and circular economies.  You don't have to be an expert or a millionaire to save the planet – everyone can help at Hot Planet Repair Team.

Our approach is centered around accountable, profitable and community-supportive solutions for: circularity, zero-waste, plastics elimination, carbon sequestration, creating biomaterials, emissions-free transportation, job creation, education, and other forms of socio-economic community development.

Support Mobilization of Action & Resources for Collective, Profitable Planet Repair Solutions

To accelerate our efforts to reverse environmental degradation globally, we need additional support and resources to achieve the change we envision.

To collectively make a difference, we invite every person, family, university, company, and government to learn more and lend your support.

To support and connect with us, Join the Team and/or Contact Us.

Education & Awareness Videos:
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Education and Awareness

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