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Team Amsterdam

We Care to Repair

Join an alliance that helps you, help us in making Amsterdam a leading city for planet repair –– while having fun and rooting ourselves in mutually beneficial relationships.  Hot Planet Repair Team Amsterdam is about co-creating and evolving – especially through humble, servant leadership that empowers other planet repair organizations and stakeholders.  


Join our community in growing pathways, stories and actions that regenenerate the city and its people. Together as a team, we'll optimize regenerative, circular strategies, tactics and events – like Friday borrels, Saturday action days and Sunday gatherings 

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Local Progress Leadership with Amsterdam

To achieve HPRT’s vision for #untrashing our shared home (earth), we must take a holistic, co-creation approach by empowering our living systems which make up our global body.  To succeed as a global family, we must persevere for planet repair progress and systems change at both the bio-regional level (earth’s organs) and in our local communities (its cells). Let's evolve by designing and growing regenerative cultures and systems.    

Reframe, Retool, Repair

Community development must focus on shared socio-ECOnomic growth by offering straight-forward effective strategies for increasing circularity, regeneration and other forms of positively improving the environment and our people who make this beautiful city what it is. 


Our mission is to "reframe, retool, and repair" while bringing all people and organizations together to implement planet repairing solutions by creating alliances, developing incentives, tools, support systems, and innovative financing mechanisms.


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By the Water
Explore the "Amsterdam Connectory for Planet Repair" 

A "Connectory" is what Hot Planet Repair Team defines as, "a digital infrastructure system that is designed and grown for the mission of connecting all people, places and things for planet repair. It services as connecting directory, helping us co-create and evolve by providing accessible pathfinding for solution actionism, networking (online and in-person), storytelling and community-building. Various strategies, tactics and services include: profiling; linking; networking; event listing; communication enablement; collaboration opportunities; social/cultural mobilization; governance; MRV; and standardization.

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We are growing a local community full of connections with biomimicry, bioregionalism, support & planet repair actions. Everyone can help at Amsterdam Hot Planet Repair Team.

Community development that focuses on co-creation, shared growth and offering straight-forward effective strategies, tactics and activities for increasing circularity, sustainability, and positively improving the environment. You belong with us if you're interested in contributing towards a better future for all generations.  ​


Get involved in evolving local systems to become respectful of planetary boundaries. Sustainability is not enough, we need regenerative, circular cultures and systems that concentrate on holistic design that empowers health, resilience and adaptability.

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Amsterdam HPRT NEEDS YOU to help Achieve: 
  • Concentrate on Holistic Design – for empowering both human and ecological health, resilience and adaptability.

  • Mitigating Greenhouse Gasses – working alongside other allies to achieve success in significantly reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses we put up in our air/climate.

  • Restoring & Conserving Nature – accelerating the growth of entangling nature around human life.

  • Circularity –– untrash our land, water and air to ensure zero-waste by ending the linear, extractive economy.

  • Regenerative Cultural Growth, Mobilization & Fun – evolving our culture as a city to become more in harmony with nature and the interconnectedness of our actions. 

    • Together, we must utilize the powers of culture and social systems to catalyze planet repair (i.e., art, integrating planet repair with public spaces, music with planet repair concerts, planetary dances, etc.).

    • Creative & innovative transformations for individuals & organizations to actively respect Mother Nature.

    • Using culture, experience and market transformation to ensure healthier and more sustainable food systems and habits (i.e., sustainable food park parties and cultural events that raise awareness and regenerative food systems and norms).

  • Community, Grassroots Solutions – scaling up planet repair solutions around the city and bioregion (i..e, green building adaptations, composting systems and neighborhood energy transitions).

    • Evolve local systems to become respectful of planetary boundaries while playing a role in helping other cities and regions around the world do the same.

    • Interconnected growth between grassroots and grasstops stakeholders.

    • Diminish Loneliness – by strengthening our social cohesion and community resilience.

  • Planet Repairing Businesses – accelerating the growth of accountable, profitable and standardized solutions around existing and new businesses (such as: waste plastics elimination, carbon sequestration, biomaterials, emissions-free transportation, zero-waste, and circular economies).

  • Education, Upskilling and Knowledge-Sharing for planet repair (including edutainment).

  • Intergenerational Impact –– empowering every generation collectively (especially youth).

Our ambitions and missions will keep growing in our planet repair garden. Join the team to co-create and expand our collective ambition, capabilities and success!

Sharing, Caring & Repairing, Together

Any entity or individual associating with the Amsterdam Hot Planet Repair Team is clearly stating:


"We are here to fix-this.  After the last hundreds of years of turning nature into trash, we are implementing regenerative, circular solutions – such as collectively finding pleasure in turning trash into treasure."  


Let’s have fun helping each other to repair our planet!


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Support the mobilization of action & resources for collective, profitable planet repair solutions. Amsterdam HPRT allies with all organisms & organisations   

It takes the whole city!


HPRT Amsterdam is focused on partnering with every human, university, non-profit, company, and government to create and build projects for the future –– as well as: 

  • Asking and living the right questions, together.

  • Paying attention to our relationships through finding and living new ways of relating to the self, our communities and to life as a whole.    

  • Bring forth our collective wisdom for transformative perspectives, action and shared well-being.  

  • Dedication to stepping up the efforts to address environmental degradation globally. 

  • Catalyzing additional support and resources to achieve the change we envision.  ​

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