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Hot Planet Repair Team is here to mobilize us and our resources to protect and restore our common ground.


Here at Hot Planet Repair Team, we know that we need to change the world with a novel, multi-stakeholder and systems-oriented approach to accelerating innovative climate solutions and action. Since we originated in 2020, we have built a robust, values-based foundation, and we are determined to make it easier for stakeholders around the globe to achieve sustainable impact. HPRT aims to recruit  7.9 billion people to cooperate on building brighter futures for all coming generations.


Collectively, we strive to bring together the expertise, passion and curiosity of each HPRT member to help people and the planet grow in an equitable and eco-friendly manner. We take a new approach to tackling climate change with our solutions-focused climate action global alliance that utilizes intergenerational, humanistic and technological solutions for our people and planet.  

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Making A Difference

Hot Planet Repair Team was developed to empower people to roll up their sleeves and repair our planet, together.  

After 200 years of neglect, it is time for collective maintenance and repair.
There are plenty of groups out there advocating, lobbying, and shaming.  

Something that we think is often a poor use of resources.  

We are focused on partnering with every human, university, non-profit, company, and government to create and build projects for the “Carbon Economy”.  
We partner and match our resources utilizing Donor Advised Funds with projects and companies with commercial value focused on positive planet impact.  
Our approach is not “greenwashing advocacy”, but
accountable and profitable businesses around waste plastics elimination, carbon sequestration, biomaterials, emissions-free transportation, zero-waste, and circular economies.

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Accelerating Transitions for Planet Repair

We strive to take direct actions on repairing the last 200 years of damage with our new approach to climate action and activism. We can catalyze people, capital and systems to focus on innovative solutions, financial mechanisms, collaboration and collective mobilization alliances. With multilateral, cross-sector and society cooperation, we believe we can facilitate significant progress by developing the "carbon economies" of the future. Our primary tools for thriving climate action include innovative financial mechanisms, sustainable development playbooks, cooperative tools and advisory services.

Support the Mobilisation of Action & Resources for Collective, Profitable Climate Action

At the Hot Planet Repair Team, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts and solutions that address climate change issues. We need additional support and resources to achieve the change we envision. To collectively make a difference, we invite every person, family, university, company, and government to learn more and lend your support. To connect with us, use the contact form below.

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Any brand associating with the Hot Planet Repair Team is clearly stating we are here to fix-this-thing, after the last 200 years of wear and tear, we are implementing sustainable solutions.  


Let’s fix our planet and help each other!


We are targeting the following to join us:

500,000 Brands
7.9 billion People
25,000 Universities
135,000,000 Companies
48,000 Big Companies
249 Countries
250,000 Sub Country Governments

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Our Team Members


T4L, Transportation for Life, is one of the few companies on the market today delivering world-class car subscription services. The company offers an all-inclusive, hassle-free membership program where its members choose the EV model of their choice.

Gravitas Infinitum

A holding company, based in Naples, Florida, focused on solving some of Planet Earth's most challenging problems such as waste plastic, CO2 emissions, and bad water.

Seaworthy Collective

Seaworthy Collective was created in 2020 in Miami, Florida, to empower a community of current & aspiring ocean entrepreneurs, known as Sea Change Makers, to innovate for regenerative ocean impact.