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No greenwashing.
No BS.

Just pure action towards saving our planet.

Hot Planet Repair Team

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Getting things done

We’re a non-profit organization primarily focused on repairing our hot planet.  HPRT envisions a healthy planet with societies that have undergone significant systemic change by transitioning toward circular, profitable, and eco-industrial global systems.


Our mission is to bring all people and organizations together to implement planet repairing solutions by creating alliances, developing incentives, tools, support systems, and innovative financing mechanisms.

Building planet repair playbooks

Planet repair playbooks offer straight-forward effective strategies for increasing circularity, sustainability, and positively improving the environment.

Have expertise?

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Innovative financing

Our Sustainable Impact Donor-Advised Funds (SIDAF) allow private or institutional investors to easily transfer their investments into planet repair action projects with no loss of capital gains taxes.

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Ways to participate

There are many different ways to contribute and areas to work in at HPRT:

  • Add your name as a supporter.

  • Help organize repair teams worldwide.

  • Contribute money, time, materials.

  • Use your skills to promote Planet Repair initiatives.

  • Get everyone and every company you know to join.

Can’t spare the time?  Support our work and the work of countless planet repair projects another way:

We are growing a community

You don't have to be an expert or a millionaire to save the planet – everyone can help at the Hot Planet Repair Team.

... then let's work together!


We are focused on partnering with every human, university, non-profit, company, and government to create and build projects for the future “Carbon Economies”.  

We partner and match our resources utilizing Sustainable Impact Donor Advised Funds with projects and companies with commercial value focused on positive planet impact.  

Our approach is not “greenwashing advocacy”, but accountable, profitable and standardized solutions around waste plastics elimination, carbon sequestration, biomaterials, emissions-free transportation, zero-waste, and circular economies.

If you are one of these:

  • 500,000 Brands

  • 7.9 billion People

  • 25,000 Universities

  • 135,000,000 Companies

  • 48,000 Big Companies

  • 249 Countries

  • 250,000 Sub Country Governments

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Make a statement!

Any entity or brand associating with the Hot Planet Repair Team is clearly stating:


"We are here to fix-this.  After the last 200 years of wear and tear, we are implementing sustainable solutions."  


Let’s have fun helping each other to repair our planet!

Support the mobilization of action & resources for collective, profitable planet repair solutions

At the Hot Planet Repair Team, we are dedicated to stepping up the efforts to address environmental degradation globally.  We need additional support and resources to achieve the change we envision.  To collectively make a difference, we invite every person, family, university, company, and government to learn more and lend your support.  To support and connect with us, Join the Team, Donate, and/or Contact Us.

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